Jay Bellicchi Since moving to Miami in 2000, Boston native J Bellicchi has taken his place in the art scene as a dynamic artist with influences in graffiti and graphic design. Jay was inspired by his father at a young age, who was also a successful artist and graphic designer. During his childhood, reprimands from stealing his father’s art supplies didn’t stop Jay from doing what he loved – create. He continued to express his passion into his teenage years… and “borrow” markers and other tools. In the mid to early 80's, Jay began to be inspired by hip hop and the words that represented the popular music genre. Jay’s love for music and art directed him towards graffiti art and he was tagged with the name REMOTE, which to some he is known stiil to this day.

In 2007, Jay co-founded ALT SPACE Art Gallery in Coconut Grove, an artist-operated gallery. And most recently, he founded "GRAFF TOYZ," an eccentric toy company that creates graffiti inspired décor pieces, knick-knacks and art objects.

Jay has adorned canvases, walls and fine art pieces with his artwork for more than 20 years. His work has been featured in numerous South Florida publications, in addition to national and internationally distributed art books.

A creator of abstract reflections of urban decay and layered chaos juxtaposed with crisp lines and shapes, Jay’s work is unplanned and a spontaneous process that is directly influenced by his mental and spiritual state. He uses various materials including latex, acrylic and aerosol paint, paint markers, graffiti remover, goo gone, sand paper, razor blades and more. Jay’s surface of choice is a wood panel, which allows him fully manipulate the surface and achieve the moment’s desired effect. Incorporating his love for words and letters, he often completes his design with an image or an abstracted letter shape to go with or on top of the background, a carefully planned and executed stage of his work.

At times Jay leaves his work with just a background and no words expressing its meaning – simply an abstract environment.

Artist's statement, “Graffiti and street art deteriorate as time progresses; things get erased, gone over, crossed out and
weathered. This process creates an aesthetic that speaks to me, one that I find beautiful. To me, each
of my paintings represents a story within a dream or an alternate atmosphere. Although each viewer
holds their own perception, I wish to evoke positive, vibrant emotions within my viewers.”

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Contact: jb@fiftythree.biz

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